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Who Cares

15 August 1985
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Name: Danny
From: Rialto, California
Age: 20
Fiance: Aileen
Job: Entrepenuer
Addictions: Music, Movies, Gamecube, Xbox, GBA SP, TV, X-files, Family Guy, Battlefield 1942, Star Wars Galaxie's, World of Warcraft, Aileen.
Weaknesses: I'm Invulnerable!
Weapons: Xbox Controller
Dislikes: My alarm clock, assholes, awkward silence.
Music: Lost Prophets, Slipknot, Staind, Yellowcard, Puddle of Mudd, Hoobastank, AFI, The Used, Ill Nino, Deftones, Limp Bizkit, Rage Against the machine, Black eyed peas, Nine Inch Nail, System of a Down, Twelve Stones, Three Doors Down, Linkin Park, Incubus, Greenday, Nirvana, sum41, sublime, Weezer, 311, Alien Ant Farm, Crazytown, Eiffel 65, Gorillaz, Metallica, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Trapt.
TV: Simpsons, Futurama, X-Files, Family Guy, MASH, Boston Republic, FNC, Junkyard Wars, Color of War, Lexx, Dune, Married With Children, That 70's Show, Dharma & Greg.
Movies: Dune Remake, Childrend of Dune, Starwars Trilogy, StarWars Episode 1-2, Indiana Jones, Time Machine, Terminator 3, Bruce Almighty, Half Baked.
Actress: Jim Carrey, hmm cant think of the rest at this moment.
Food: Pizza, Chili, Mexican food.
Drink: Dr Pepper, Orange Soda.
Snack: Crackers, Potato Chips.
Color: Black, Blue, Green
Clothes: Interstate, Deka, Culture Jam, Phat Farm, Dickies, Ecko, And Solo.

Hola! I'm gimp. If your looking at my journal than you more than likely already know TOO much about me.

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"Accuracy is for the weak. Fill the air with the mighty sound of a thousand bullets and trust in your enemy to eventually walk in to them"

Karl Marx "Religion is the opiate of the masses"

Heres a little insert from my Halo Fan Fiction-

"The nothingness of slipstream was suddenly replaced with colorful stars and a hazy debris field. A lifeless dismembered USNC A class battle cruiser drifted slowly still dispelling oxygen and its occupents into space. It didnt take the crew long to notice a starless patch of dark space that was gaining in mass and speed. "EVASIVE MANUEVERS!"...."

Here's one of my very first poems-

"Dazed and confused, I get up from a blow I've taken to the heart. A heart already deteriorated and detached. Barely beating, it pumps out feelings I can't express. To express these feelings would only mean more pain and distrust. Feelings that are unwanted and unjust. What do I do? I'm dazed and confused."